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Victoria Press was founded in Autum 1979 by John Wilson, principal of, and Richard Burns, resident writer at, the Victoria Arts Centre in Gravesend, Kent, to publish the work of what Michael Baldwin, in his book The River and the Downs : Kent's Unsung Corner, noted as "the burgeoning of a North Kent 'School' ". This consisted of a number of artists and poets, the most active of whom formed The Medway Poets group. S.E. Arts gave a grant towards the establishment of the Press. In the mid-1980s, the Victoria Press was run by Charles Thomson, who merged it with his Cheapo Publications. It is now run by Alex Mitchell in London, and still focuses on developments associated with its original agenda of the North Kent impetus, seen inter alia in the founding and growth of the Stuckists art movement, the first book on which, The Stuckists: The First Remodernist Art Group, was published by the Victoria Press in 2000. It has since published a number of books on Stuckism.

Director: Alex Mitchell
Art supervisor: Joshua Dawn
Text editor: Thomas Carlton